Our team

Martin Romaňák | CEO

,,I am a reliable and responsible person with experience in leading and coordinating various projects. I firmly believe, that under my command the company will prosper.” 

Michal Stratený | CFO

,,As a child I knew, that I won’t be ever lost again in numbers. As a finance director of company ESO I promise, that your money will be in the right hands, treated as well as possible.“

Samuel Šlesar | CMO

,,I had been a “victim” of marketing strategies once, but a gradually became a hunter and found passion in marketing. I will use all of my knowledge in company ESO.”

Diana Lešková | CHRO

,,I’ve always had a personality of leader. I’m good at dividing tasks, listening and motivating. I will make sure, that all employees are reliable. Human resources department will work just like a charm.”

Matej Remšík | CTO

,,I could create my own toys from various materials when I was only a child. These technical skills are still among my strong abilities and with the experience I’ve accomplished in my life, I will lead the production department in the most effective way.’’

Gréta Gáži

,,Many people say, that I have a ready tongue and they are right! English, Slovak, arms, legs – I am able to speak with everyone. I believe, that you will be no exception.“

Mirka Zajacová

,,I’ve been determined and tried to get maximum out of everything since I was young. That’s why I hope, that thanks to me as an accountant our company will prosper as much as possible thanks to the fact, that the incomes and expenses will be under my watch.”

Petra Šátková

,,I always found it funny to work with finance, thus this position in the finance department suits me well. There’s always system and order in my things and so the finance of our company will be safe in my hands.“

Izabella Belavá

,,I’m a creative, friendly person. I’ve chosen this position, because I’ve been interested in social networks for a while. I will inform you about the activities of our company and I hope, that will present company ESO the best I can”

Kristína Belavá

,,I’m a collective person with many ideas, who loves to create things. My job will be to inform you about every step our company takes. I strongly believe, that our social networks will expand more and more. “

Timea Trnková

,,I possess a lot of contacts, friends and acquaintances. Making arrangements is for me no job, but a relax. I’m simply the true team player. ”

Klára Palčeková

,,I’m a communicative, creative and convincing type of person. I like to work with people and I’m really good at arranging things. I believe and hope, that with this properties I can help to improve our company.“

Michal Janíček

,,Field of graphics has always attracted me and this company is the right way to try many new things. I hope you’ll like it. ”

Barbora Tomanová

,,Human resources – the right department for me! Meeting, organising (events, people, myself) are the things, which I feel good doing. I would like to improve the effectivity of our team with my responsibility and reliability.“

Kamila Urbánková

,,I got this position at random, but quickly identified with it, because I’ve always wanted to have things under control. I am responsible and I try to have order in everything.”