About us

We are a group of students from Grammar school in Dubnica nad Váhom, who decided to participate in programme JA Applied Economics by JA Slovakia. Through this programme, we are gaining new practical experience in entrepreneurship, finance and we’re improving our communication and presentation skills.

Just like many young people, we love skiing! Unfortunately, we don’t possess our own vehicles and so we have to travel to our favourite ski resorts by train.

Although travelling by train might look comfortable for the common passenger, travelling with skis is much worse. Skis cannot be stored in the ski bag, because it is impossible to store the pack itself when you’re on the slope. They cannot be bound with ski tapes either, because it is difficult to carry them around.

And that’s why we’ve invented OdneSki, skiing accessory, which binds the skis together and lets you hang it on the shoulder. What’s more – when it’s not currently used, it fits into every pocket!